Here is my last look and one of my favourite with….only OLD stuff! Except the cardi. Ladies, there is no need to buy all new outfits from head to toes, sometimes just adding a piece or improvising some superposition can make an interesting outfit. I can’t get enough of long stuff, that falls down…very low and flys away.
No no that’s not a riddle, I’m just spending too much time teaching young kids and my vocabulary is more and more simple everyday, my days are filled with rabbits and ducks, I just need to adjust and go back to a normal adult level of language.
sarah 2

To summarize I love all long, fringing or Oversize clothes that create a feminine and pretty look. I love when it’s moving! When I show some of it without showing too much. Nothing worse than being squashed in slim jeans with a Lycra top and a showing! If I chose a sexy piece like that short leather skirt, I like to superpose some other pieces to hide those legs a little! And voila!

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