It’ll Never Last tells the story of three British women who have turned their backs on British men and have found love abroad in Uzbekistan, Tanzania and Rimini, proving love knows no boundaries.

Countess Alexandra Tolstoy, 30, fell for Shamil, a Russian-speaking Muslim horse guide, whose upbringing in Soviet-era Uzbekistan couldn’t have been more different from Alexandra’s pampered childhood in her family’s Cotswold country pile.

Meanwhile Gemma, 26, is adapting to life in rural Tanzania, having married Masai warrior Lesikar, despite neither knowing the other’s language, they fall in love.

Finally there is Patricia from Belfast who met Tiziano from Rimini in Italy. A true whirlwind romance, within months of their first kiss Patricia had followed him from London back to his Italian home and the couple prepared for marriage.

But what happens when Alexandra moves in with Shamil in a dingy one-bedroom flat in Tashkent, or Tiziano starts grumbling about Patricia’s cooking – or when Lesikar says it’s time for him to take another wife?

Source: Real Stories