Let’s talk BOOTS today!
Which ones will you need soon?
Trends are Over-the-Knee and Ankle boots.
Ankle boots are still my favourite because they are so easy to wear, they go with everything and definitely
IN for fall .
When the fall will come I mean…
Dubai is still boiling hot but I know thousands of girls like me are waiting for that beautiful day to take their boots OUT!
In between 8:00 to 8:30 AM and between 9 to 11pm. Don’t miss it because the rest of the day you can only wear your flip flops. Or just wear your boots all day, smile and pretend you are not boiling hot in your lovely booties.
So let’s wish for a cold winter.
Which means about 25 degrees for me…


This year Ankle boots will be Block or Angle heels or even Wrap boots, in
Suede, Velvet, Metallic, with Star or Leopard prints.
Leather Buckles boots were everywhere the past few years with the famous Susan Studded boots from Chloe but I found those Tulla Puga just perfect and I absolutely love the four buckles. They give that feminine/masculine look, western style & you can wear them with mini skirt, shorts, cropped jeans, trousers…so basically anything you own.
You will find the link to my boots & similar ones below.

(Find more on her WEBSITE)