The National Geographic Society celebrates exploration every day of the year, but during Explorers Festival we’re bringing together the most fascinating and innovative scientists, conservationists, explorers, and storytellers to share—with one another, and with the world—how their discoveries and ideas are creating change for the better.

La National Geographic Society celebra i grandi nomi degli esploratori e i temi del futuro in questi 3 giorni di imperdibile festival, dal 15 al 18 giugno 2017.

Molti i panel di discussione fra i quali emerge quello dal titolo Red Planet vs. Blue Planet, in cui Kenny Broad introdurrà gli scenari di vita su Marte e nelle profondità degli abissi. A questo panel afferiscono anche incontri dal titolo emblematico, come Leaving Terra Firma (Since ancient times, humans have been driven to leave the security of land behind. Join ocean and space experts as they take part in a lively discussion about the risks and rewards of pushing the limits of our human boundaries), A New Human Tide, (technological breakthroughs are making long-term colonization of both Mars and the ocean real possibilities. This fascinating conversation will reveal what it would take for humans to survive the transition and make it a lasting success), e No Place like Home, (Experts shine a light on some of the breakthrough discoveries and surprising insights that are giving us a whole new perspective on just staying home).

A questo link tutti gli eventi del programma, anche in live stream.

FONTE: National Geographic Society