BNQT è una superband formata da Eric Pulido, McKenzie Smith, Joey McClellan e Jesse Chandler dei Midlake, accompagnati da quattro cantanti ossia Alex Kapranos dei Franz Ferdinand, Francis Healy dei Travis, Ben Bridwell dei Band Of Horses e Jason Lytle dei Grandaddy. Il primo album del gruppo si intitola Volume n.1.

Lyrics BNQT cover

I was amazed at the man I could be
I did all the right things
And my aim was to please
I could talk about it
But they won’t believe me

Walking around but if feels like a crawl
Telling kids to be mean it’s the worst of it all
I could talk about it
But people deceive me

How will I give up?
It is only our love
What were we thinking when we started?
And how did we think we could ever part?
But now it all seems a bit too heavy
I think we could all use a restart
But was does that mean?

I’ve taken up pieces
I found once again
I belong with the broken
But soon I’ll be dead
I could talk about it
But who will deceive me?