Finding pretty swimsuit or bikini in Dubai is not easy and when the weather starts to be nice, which means now, beginning of October, it is also when we see the fall-winter collection coming to the shops and the choice becomes even more difficult. Look at the elegant one piece “JE T’AIME” from Phemke Resort Wear and you can understand why I am so glad I met Femke, the lovely lady behind the brand, who offers an effortless and beautiful collection of beachwear and accessories.


Femke created a UNIQUE brand with a story to each piece. She sources comfortable, pure and natural materials all around the world in exotic and unique places. All pieces are of quality and handmade by local communities with ethic and authenticity following old traditions.
That swimsuit was made in Brazil, you can see it on the site the rest of her collection of sophisticated and chic beach bags, kaftans, sarongs, towels, hats, jewelry, dresses and espadrilles.
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And see my pieces “coup de cœur” from PHEMKE just below.
Enjoy the beach!
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