Andrew Marr discovers why the Scotland he was born in has changed so much politically.
Scotland today feels very different to the country Andrew experienced growing up. It has become more left wing, less British and much more fiercely Scottish Nationalist. The SNP has been in power for nearly a decade and now – post the Brexit vote – there is talk of a second independence referendum. In just over half a century, Scotland has been transformed. How and why did this happen – and what does this mean for the future of the UK?
In the first of these two films, Andrew tells the story of a quiet political revolution, which still isn’t much understood south of the border. The political gyroscope in Scotland has swung from the Unionists – who became the Conservatives – winning over half the Scottish vote in the 1950s, to the Labour Party, utterly dominant for over three decades, and today to the SNP, who have risen from a party of protest and insurgency to become the party of government in Scotland.
This film ends in 2012, with the announcement of a referendum on Scottish independence.

Source: BBC