Valle Dei Templi or, The Valley Of Temples, contains the sacred sites and ruins of the ancient city of Akragas, today’s Agrigento. Due to the transformation of a number of its temples into Christian churches, the greater part of Sicily’s ancient sanctuaries have managed to survive to the present day.The ruins of the Zeus Temple are in stark contrast to the modern high rise settlements of Agrigento that are situated on the opposite side of the valley. The sanctuary is without a doubt one of the largest temples of its kind and was built by Theron in the 5th century B.C. The majestic Concordia Temple dates back to 425 B.C. and is one of the most well-preserved sanctuaries of Ancient Greece. The return to the aesthetic and textual ideals of Classic times could not have found a worthier or more splendid setting than the beautiful Valle Dei Templi.

Source: Expoza Travel/YouTube (photo Wikipedia)